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          Service Hotline:020-80548476/18824145948


          The purpose of our plan is to maximize the return on investment.
          Before design, we will fully consider the objectives of investors, operators and customers, and conduct in-depth design analysis based on the project budget and development plan To meet the different market positioning, determine the appropriate project scale, highlight the theme and personalized design concept, transfer the extraordinary entertainment experience, and make each project a benchmark for the region.


          Technological innovation and R & D ability can ensure that we are in the front of the trend. We have advanced design team, new concept industrial design and omnipotent space combination, which subverts the space form of traditional unit equipment on the slide,throughproduct design,Make the appearance of the products varied and the sense of space more intense. Each group of landing products deduces different theme stories. Even if your business competitors are close to each other in size, the unique difference can make your park maintain a competitive advantage and become a city landmark. Every product, from concept to finished product, goes through countless precise calculations to optimize safety, passenger capacity and entertainment.


          Runle has its own production base of nearly 100000 ㎡ and imported five axis CNC machining center and other international advanced equipment. Select the world's top raw material suppliers, use first-class technology, more than 120 quality control points, every process, every detail is strictly checked.
          With more than ten years of experience and continuous improvement of material composite technology, runle products have successfully developed the linear composite technology, innovatively changed the material composite structure technology, making the sliding surface more smooth and bright, with excellent weatherability, yellowing resistance and impact resistance.
          All products meet the national standards of China:
          Safety code for amusement facilities (GB8408-2008).
          Water ridesGeneral technical conditions(GB/T18168-2008).


          For each project, we will have a completeConstruction of water parkprogramme,and in the customer civil construction process, send engineers for technical supervision. Our installation team, from the project manager to the installation technician, holds the certificate of special equipment operator issued by AQSIQ. In the safest and quickest way, we strive for "golden opening time" for customers.


          As a professionalmanufacturer of water slide,We will advise customers to follow ourWater slide maintenanceguide to maintain, in order to extend the service life of the slide. We provide remote technical service support for customers in 7 days × 24 hours.